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Rural Tourism
Rural Tourism Destination In Rajasthan
Rural Tour Operator
The age old forts, cities of historical importance and world famous monuments have always excited us but tourism goes beyond the closed quarters of famous historical monuments and big cities. A glimpse into every day lives of villages who carry a unique rural flavour of Rajasthan will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The country side is a distinct land of traditions, lifestyles, history and people. To share with you this undoubtedly unique experience. Department of tourism, Government of Rajasthan brings to you a wide array of experiences.The 13 village destinations have been meticulously chosen and all efforts have been made to ensure a comfortable stay in these rural abodes or in near by cities.The detailed information on each village destinations has been given in this brochure.
Explore The Heart Of Rural Rajasthan
Charming smiles and warm greetings welcome you to a world.where you live with the people of land and learn their customs. Where even the tiniest piece of art and craft speaks of a timeless era. Rajasthan's rural terrain bringe alive its rich heritage. Colourful attires, smiling faces, mud plastered houses with beautiful wall paintings and grazing cattle hold the true spirit of village life. Be it men boasting their big mustaches.Women smiling behind their vibrant veils of camel bells jingling along narrow streets, the rural Rajasthan has a story in everything you see. Welcome to the villages of Rajasthan.
Legendary Hospitality
As you step into rural Rajasthan, experience the legendary hospitality this land is famous for. The smiling faces, the colourful ethnic attires and the warm hospitality, together constitute the perfect blend of an experience called rural life. The rhythm of traditional music overhead while walking on the sand dunes, tells the tales of exemplary hospitality and sagas of valour. Come and experience that traditional Rajasthani hospitality.come home to rural Rajathan.
Rural Lifestyles
The rural Rajasthan lifestyle is a synonym to purity and ethnicity in every sense. The charming faces clad in vibrant colours, traditional food, farm fresh vegetables.every aspect is as pure and ethnic as it can be. Roam along the vast green fields reverberating the morning song. Get a glimpse of a rural Rajasthani household and its simple no-frills life. Drinking water in the earthen pot, a bullock cart carrying the grazing cows back home by the sunset.experience the rural lifestyle.
Get close to rural Rajathan through the ethnic platter. Taste the Rajasthani Kadhi and enjoy the flavour of Rural Rajathan.Tantalize your taste buds with aromatic pickles, traditional curries, kair sangria, besan, gatta, dal-batti-churma, raita(curd), roti (bread) cooked on earthen stove; the kitchen of rural Rajasthan offers a sumptuous spread. Be it kheer, jalebi, laddu or other delicacies, Rajathani platter offers array of ethnic desserts to feast on. Savour the rural Rajathan.
The rural Rajasthan is where the colourful culture of this magnificent land still breathes its unique flair. Get to the roots of those colours of Rajathani villages. Watch the local artists perform in their natural setting to the tune of age old instruments. Be a part of village festivities and fairs to become one with the colours of Rajasthan. Join the festivities and be a part of the vibrant villagers dressed in various colours of Rajathan. Celebrate the rural Rajathan.
Resplendid Memoirs
Rajasthan is a land of colours . Get splashed by the colours of Rajasthan where village is famous for one or the other form of art handicraft ; be it leather, metal, clay, textile of stone work.Walk down the village bylanes and the watch the potter crafting earthen miracles from clay on his wheel or the shoemaker family continuing their age old profession of carving beautiful leather footwear (mojri) from leather pieces. Live the real story behind each piece of the art from the very beginning as you watch the craftsman in action.from a piece of stone to a sculpture, from a clay lump to a pot, enrich yourself with story behind it. Take home the rural Rajathan.